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"We designed our product to be easy to use and integrate into the provider's existing workflow. Physicians expect our services to work every time, flawlessly. AT&T and the IP services help us keep our customers very happy."
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"An advantage of using Voice DNA is that it is always evolving-adding new capabilities to help our company further evolve and stay competitive. Our customers expect us to produce a quality product and be there when they need us. Voice DNA helps us be the kind of company they want to do business with."
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"In our business, there was always a lot of paperwork regardless of the season. With Xora, we will save significant time in the spring and summer when it comes to scheduling and meeting our customers' weekly demands. And it will come in very handy during rainy weeks, when our schedules could go awry. Xora GPS TimeTrack from AT&T helps us perform better in an industry that is highly competitive. We save time and more confidently serve our customers. Everything about it is good."
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Xora® StreetSmart Workforce from AT&T

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Withstand industry changes with the right technology.

With Xora® StreetSmart Workforcefrom AT&T, businesses with employees in the field can see their locations on Google Maps™ in near-real time, plan their schedules, gather data from the field, analyze routes and simplify the payroll and mileage expense processes. As one of the world’s leading mobile enterprise solutions, Xora StreetSmart Workforce can help businesses meet their productivity and service goals for about $1 per day per user.

Xora StreetSmart Workforce consists of a downloadable app for mobile devices, a secure cloud-hosted management application that can be accessed from any Web browser, and optional data exchange and integration.

Xora Mobile App

Using any supported AT&T GPS-enabled mobile device, the Xora StreetSmart Workforce mobile app enables you to collect and report location, timecard, and job information in near-real time. Access to the Xora web application gives you the mission-critical information you need to make daily operational decisions, and the historical trends data you need to assess and improve the overall productivity and performance of your mobile employees.

With the Xora StreetSmart Workforce mobile app, your mobile employees can streamline communication and data collection with operations or dispatch managers, and submit location-aware timesheet information for payroll and job costing.

With the Xora Mobile App, your mobile employees can:

  • Click to start or stop time for shifts, breaks, and jobs; supervisors can optionally clock in their staff.
  • Effortlessly provide location information with real-time GPS tracking.
  • Communicate receipt, acceptance, and status of job assignments sent from the office.
  • Use mobile forms to capture job-specific data, such as use of inventory, patient information, or proof of delivery.
  • Take photos, get electronic signatures, or scan bar codes to provide full job documentation.
  • Easily track all mileage expenses and associate them to jobs.

Xora Web Management Application

Accessible through any Web browser connected to the Internet, the Xora StreetSmart Workforce secure web application allows you to quickly and easily configure the mobile app, monitor employees, jobs, and locations, make real-time decisions that deliver optimal service level, and generate reports to analyze and improve overall business performance.

With the Xora StreetSmart Workforce Web Application, your managers can:

Gain visibility into employee activity, jobs, routes and locations

  • View your employees, jobs, and locations using Google Maps.
  • Click to view or edit details on each employee, job, or location, including job assignments.
  • Oversee jobs with an instant view into the status, assigned employee, and location of every job.
  • Automatically compile all job details including start and end times, photos, signatures, and other mobile forms data gathered in the field.
  • Easily create geofences to see when employees enter or leave certain geographic areas.
  • analyze routes driven to reduce mileage costs and customer response times. 

Automate and validate payroll with tamper-proof electronic timesheets

  • Enable employees to capture exact start and stop times for jobs, visits, or their workday, and automatically submit electronic timecards.
  • Take control of overtime pay by monitoring employee hours as they near the limits of regular pay.
  • Validate hours worked with automatic date, time, and location stamps on all mobile timesheets.
  • Schedule regular email delivery of payroll reports—to managers or the payroll team.

Improve service levels with smarter job dispatch and management

  • Create jobs directly, or upload them from your existing dispatch system.
  • Automatically gather job progress information with employee location, time, and completion status.
  • Easily update job information and push new assignments to employees in the field.
  • Keep customers informed of employee arrival times with GPS location and status information.
  • Speed customer response times by dispatching the closest employee to fill an incoming job request.

Capture better data from the field with mobile forms

  • Save time and go paperless with employee forms on mobile devices, eliminating the time, cost, and errors of manual data entry.
  • Put an end to lost or incomplete paperwork and sloppy handwriting.

Get instant alerts on business conditions that require immediate attention

  • Define alerts based on a broad range of criteria to meet your needs, including:
    • Employee activity
    • Job activity
    • GPS activity
  • Specify a list of individuals who should be notified for each particular alert, including the employee who triggers the alert.

Generate powerful reports to help assess operational performance

  • Choose from over 30 preconfigured reports, or create new reports tailored to your needs.
  • Schedule reports to be delivered by email at any frequency, saving you time in getting information to the right people on time.

Supported Devices

Xora StreetSmart Workforce runs on most smartphones and tablets, in addition to rugged feature phones available through AT&T.

Supported operating systems include:

  • Apple iOS®
  • Android™
  • RIM BlackBerry®
  • Windows® Phone 6.5
  • Java

Consult with your AT&T sales reps for specific device models.

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Ask an AT&T business expert how Xora StreetSmart Workforce can help your business.


Data and messaging rates apply for download and usage of app. Important Information. Coverage and services, including mobile broadband, not available everywhere. Geographic, usage, and other terms, conditions, and restrictions apply, and may result in service termination. Taxes and other charges apply. Other Monthly Charges/line may include a Regulatory Cost Recovery Charge (up to $1.25), a gross receipts surcharge, federal and state universal service charges, fees, and charges for other government assessments. These are not taxes or government required charges.

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