Downloading Ringtones, graphics or games from the AT&T wireless services website.
Downloading a Ringtone from the AT&T wireless services website.
Downloading a game from the AT&T wireless services website.
Downloading a graphic from the AT&T wireless services website.
Validating what types of content is available for download on device.
Purchasing Cingular Ringtones.
Downloading Cool Tools
Downloading Answer Tones
Downloading Answer Tones from the AT&T wireless services website
Downloading Cool Tools from the AT&T wireless services website
Downloads (Ringtones, games, graphics)
MEdia Mall

Downloading MEdia Mall content from the AT&T wireless services website:

  1. Go to
  2. Validate a compatible phone will be receiving the MEdia Mall content.
  3. Choose the correct make/model and click Submit.

  4. Once a device is specified, available MEdia Mall content for that device can be narrowed by using one of the search options.
    • Ringtones
    • Games
    • Cool Tools
    • Graphics
    • Answer Tones

  5. Choose the "buy" link to purchase the desired content.

  6. Enter the wireless number for delivery of the content (ring tone, game or graphic).
    NOTE: The delivery number can be a family or friend using a compatible device.
  7. Verify selection of the correct device model and click Submit.

  8. Purchases of MEdia Mall content will be charged Using AT&T DirectBill and appear on monthly billing statements.
  9. Once the MEdia Mall content has been sent to the wirless device, a message will be sent to the device with download instructions.

  10. If further assistance is required, please contact AT&T Customer Service for wireless customers.



  • Ringtones, games and graphics downloads are delivered via MEdia Net.
  • Data charges will apply to these downloads (in addition to the price of the Ringtone or graphic or game).
  • Specific charges will vary depending upon the Ringtone, game or graphic downloaded and the data plan selected.

If you are viewing information on devices or services, please note: content reflects instructions for devices and services purchased from AT&T.
Some differences may exist for devices not purchased from AT&T.