Microsoft Exchange ActiveSync (EAS) Overview
Microsoft Exchange ActiveSync (EAS) Overview
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Microsoft Exchange ActiveSync offers direct and secure wireless access to a Microsoft Exchange Server 2003 without any middleware (such as Good, SEVEN, or BlackBerry). Once configured on the server, wireless synchronization of e-mails and calendars can then be configured in either the E-mail clients or ActiveSync settings of devices that support it. Exchange ActiveSync is bundled with the Microsoft Exchange Server 2003 product. Please note that this product is different from the Microsoft ActiveSync desktop application which provides local/tethered synchronization between a personal computer and Windows Mobile device.

NOTE: For more information on remotely synchronizing Microsoft Exchange Server 2003 SP2 with Windows Mobile 5.0 devices, please see the Direct Push Overview.

Target Audience:

Corporate user wishing to have access to their corporate e-mail and calendars using their Pocket PC, Smartphone, or EAS compatible device.


  • Data plan/feature provisioned on the AT&T wireless services account.
  • Pocket PC, Windows Mobile 5.0, Smartphone, or EAS compatible PDA like the PalmOne Treo 650, Cingular 2125, or AT&T 8125.
  • User must configure the ActiveSync settings on the device using settings provided by their corporate IT department.
  • Corporate IT department must have the Microsoft Exchange Server 2003 activated for mobile access and allowing access to Exchange Server via Secure Socket Layer (SSL).

What is the process to get up and running?

  1. Gather e-mail address, username, password, and Exchange server name from your corporate IT department.
  2. Configure the ActiveSync settings on the device.
  3. Test the setup by sending and receiving emails.

Exchange ActiveSync features and benefits:

  • Email Inbox synchronization with attachments
  • Smart sync of Sent and Deleted items
  • Full Calendar synchronization (updated on device and server)
  • Always Up-To-Date (AUDT) which provides "Push" like synchronization for Windows Mobile 2003 or higher Pocket PCs and Smartphones
  • Security:
  • Palm Devices using VersaMail:
    • Respond to meeting invitations via VersaMail; view only display in Calendar
    • Accept, Decline, Tentative response via VersaMail
  • Non-supported Exchange ActiveSync features:
    • Email subfolder synchronization
    • Contacts, Tasks, Notes synchronization
    • Creating meeting invitations on Smartphone
    • Global Address List (GAL) access

For more information:

  • Please visit the Cingular site (including supported devices and platforms).
  • Call an AT&T representative at 866-4CWS-B2B.
  • Have a Cingular representative contact you.

More information regarding the Mobility/Wireless features of Exchange Server 2003 can be found at the Microsoft website:
Exchange ActiveSync Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ):

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