Check the Wireless Data Availability for the AT&T 8525
Check the Wireless Data Availability for the AT&T 8525
Checking for GPRS attach on the AT&T 8525
Checking for EDGE attach on the AT&T 8525
Checking for UMTS attach on the AT&T 8525
AT&T 8525
Windows Mobile 5.0
Internet Access
Access Data Network
The wireless data indicator is located in the center of the standby screen. The device will display either a "3G" for UMTS/HSPDA or "G" for GPRS / EDGE service:

The letter "G" is used for both GPRS and EDGE connections; a separate "E" indicator does not exist.
Prior firmware versions may display a "U" to indicate a 3G connection (UMTS/HSDPA).
Additional information about this device can be found on the Microsoft support site at

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