Configure the Connection Settings to Bypass the AT&T proxy on the AT&T 8525
Configure the Connection Settings to Bypass the AT&T proxy on the AT&T 8525
Verify Connection Settings on the AT&T 8525 for Device Based E-mail
Seting the browser and APN settings on the AT&T 8525
Setting the browser settings on the AT&T 8525
Setting the APN on the AT&T 8525
Windows Mobile 5.0
AT&T 8525


  • Additional features such as Wi-Fi and device based e-mail along with other 3rd party applications may not be compatible with the proxy settings associated with the MEdia Net profile.
  • If there are connection issues with e-mail and/or Wi-Fi, configuring and using the My ISP profile as displayed below may resolve connectivity issues.
  • Configuring the AT&T 8525 to use My ISP will disable MEdia Net (WAP) web pages when My ISP is used for connectivity. However, regular Internet (HTML) web page browsing will function as normal.

Disable or enable the proxy server with Proxy Manager

  1. Tap Start.

  2. Select Programs.

  3. Tap Proxy Manager.

  4. Select the appropriate script.
    • Diable Proxy
    • Restore Proxy
  5. The selected script will begin to run, as the bar fills on screen.

  6. A confirmation screen will be displayed once finished. Press OK.

Disable the proxy server manually

  1. Tap Start.

  2. Select Settings.

  3. Tap the Connections tab, select the Connections icon.

  4. Select the Advanced Tab.

  5. Tap Select Networks.

  6. Select My ISP from the dropdown and tap Edit.

  7. With Cingular GPRS selected tap Edit.

  8. Verify the following setting and press Next:
    • Enter a name for the connection: Cingular GPRS
    • Select a modem:Cellular Line (GPRS) 3G
  9. In the "Access point name" field enter wap.cingular and select Next.

  10. Verify the following profile settings then tap Advanced:
  11. Verify the following settings and tap ok:
    • Use server assigned IP address: Selected
    • Use specific IP address: Unselected
    • Use software compression: Unchecked
    • Use IP header compression: Checked
  12. Tap Finish.

  13. Tap Ok.

  14. Attempt an internet connection.

If problem persists, please contact AT&T Customer Service for wireless customers.

APN: Access Point Name

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