Configure Microsoft ActiveSync for Local Synchronization with the Palm Treo 750
Configure Microsoft ActiveSync for Local Synchronization with the Palm Treo 750
Create a Partnership Between a Palm Treo 750 and Microsoft ActiveSync
Synchronize or transfer Contacts, E-mail, Files, or Calendar Information
Windows Mobile 5.0
Palm Treo 750
Microsoft ActiveSync
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Prerequisite: Download and install the latest version of Microsoft ActiveSync.

Partnership Procedure:

  1. Connect the Pocket PC or Smartphone device to the computer via USB cable, Serial cable, Infrared, or Bluetooth as applicable.
    Note: ActiveSync should launch automatically, detect the device, and attempt to setup a partnership. Click Next.

  2. Uncheck the box for Synchronizing directly with a server, and click Next.

  3. Check or uncheck the box for each Information Type to synchronize.

  4. To adjust synchronization settings for Calendar or E-mail, highlight the information type and click Settings.

  5. In Calendar Synchronization Settings, click the drop down to specify the time frame for synchronization. Click OK when finished.

  6. In E-mail Synchronization Settings, specify the desired e-mail date and size options for synchronization. Click OK when finished.

  7. Click Next.

  8. Click Finish.

  9. Synchronization will begin automatically.

  10. Once complete, Synchronized will be displayed next to Windows PC.

  11. If synchronization was unsuccessful, troubleshoot accordingly.

Microsoft ActiveSync currently cannot be used with IBM Lotus applications for wireless synchronization, additionally IBM has yet to offer an alternative synchronization solution.

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