Perform a Master Reset for the Nokia 6555
Perform a Master Reset for the Nokia 6555
Nokia 6555

Nokia 6555 Keypad Layout

Soft Reset

To soft reset the device, remove and re-insert the battery.

Master Reset

IMPORTANT: The device will be set back to factory settings; all data stored on the device will be lost. The device may not be functional for up to 15 minutes after a master reset is performed.

  1. From the standby screen, press Menu.

  2. Scroll to and select Settings.

  3. Scroll to and select Reset device.

  4. Scroll to and select desired reset option:

    • Restore settings only: Resets all preference settings and will not delete any personal data
    • Restore all: Restores device settings and deletes personal data
  5. Press Continue.

  6. Enter the current security code, press OK.
    NOTE: The default security code is 12345.

  7. After the device reboots, press OK.

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