Install AT&T Communication Manager 6.5 in Microsoft Windows 2000 or XP
Install AT&T Communication Manager 6.5 in Microsoft Windows 2000 or XP
Install AT&T Communication Manager 6.5
Download AT&T Communication Manager 6.5
AT&T Communication Manager Download location
AT&T Communication Manager 6.5
Modem / Tethering
IMPORTANT: Do not insert or connect the device until prompted to do so by the software. This can cause installation conflict, and issues that require extensive troubleshooting.
IMPORTANT: Do not run the Device Wizard in AT&T Communication Manager if you are using a PC card modem. Doing so may adversely affect the stability of your connection to the AT&T wireless network. If the Device Wizard was inadvertently executed, see this article to re-establish the communication between the PC card modem and Windows.


  1. Determine if Communication Manager has been installed, click Start > Programs > AT&T > Communication Manager.
    NOTE: Depending on the version installed, the actual Start menu path may differ in verbiage. Look for "Cingular" in any event.
  2. Reboot the computer.
  3. Proceed with downloading and installing the latest version.

Installing from CD

  1. AT&T Communication Manager is included with AT&T PC cards.
  2. Insert CD into CD ROM drive.
  3. If the PC automatically starts running the CD follow the on screen instructions for "installation and configuration'.
  4. If the PC does not automatically install the software from the CD:
    • Open the My Computer folder by double clicking the icon on the desktop.
    • Find the CD ROM drive where the AT&T Communication Manager CD is located, double click the icon to access the CD in the CD ROM drive.
    • Double click on the Setup.exe file to begin installation.
    • Follow the on screen instructions for installation and configuration of the "AT&T Communication Manager" software.

Installing from Download

  1. Go to and follow on-screen instructions to download the "AT&T Communication Manager" software.
  2. Go to, and open the folder where you downloaded the Communication Manager software on your PC.
  3. Double click on Setup-CCM-
  4. Follow the on-screen instructions for installation and configuration of the software.
  5. The Welcome to AT&T Communication Manager window will appear. Read the information on the window and click Next.

  6. The License Agreement window will appear. Read the License Agreement and acknowledge your agreement by selecting I accept the license agreement. Then click Next.

  7. The Destination Folder window will appear. Click Next to install this folder, or click Change install to a different folder.
  8. The Ready to Install the Program window will appear and click Install.

  9. The Installing/Updating System window will appear and the software will start initializing and installing.

  10. The AT&T Communication Manager has been successfully installed.
  11. Click Finish.

If you are viewing information on devices or services, please note: content reflects instructions for devices and services purchased from AT&T.
Some differences may exist for devices not purchased from AT&T.