How do I use the map?

  1. Zoom in over your home
  2. Single click over your home
  3. Confirm your address

Why aren't there any markers showing on the map?
If you've zoomed down to street level and the map markers still don't appear, AT&T service may not be available in your area.

Does a marker mean that my address is eligible for U-verse service?
No. The markers only indicate that your address is in the AT&T service area. You'll still need to select the marker on top of your address, and click the Check Availability button to find out if U-verse service is available at your home.

Is there an advantage to using the map to find my home?
Yes. The same address can be written in many varying formats. By selecting a marker on the map this ensures that we know the exact address of your home regardless of the way we have your address written in our system.