AT&T Quickfire GTX75

To obtain an updated copy of the AT&T Quickfire User's Guide, click the link below from your personal computer.

AT&T Quickfire User's Guide


Dear Valued Customer Using the Quickfire GTX75 Mobile Phone:

Please take special care when charging your Quickfire GTX75 mobile phone. There have been a few reports of significant overheating of the phone when the AC Charger adapter is inserted incorrectly and forced into the phone.

The clearly marked, embossed arrow on the AC Charger adapter should always be face-up on the same side as the display screen of the Quickfire when it is inserted into the phone. See the diagram below for proper positioning and insertion of the AC Charger adapter into the phone. You should never force the AC Charger adapter into the phone.

If you have any questions, please call 1-800-801-1101.



Embossed arrow should always be face up