What is AT&T NextSM?


AT&T Next is a new way to get a new device every year with an installment plan you can pay over a period of 20 months.* Monthly installment payments will vary in price depending on the device you choose.

Benefits of AT&T Next:

Let's compare AT&T Next vs. the standard 2-year contracted agreement in the below example using the price of an iPhone 5s 16GB:

 AT&T Next2-year contract
Initial device cost$0 $199.99
Monthly installment payment$27$0
Upgrade fee for your next device$0$36
Eligibility for your next upgradeAfter 12 paymentsAfter 24 months

With AT&T Next, after 12 payments, you're eligible to trade in your device with an updated 20-month contract and new monthly payments. Additional fees and taxes may apply.

And with AT&T Next, if you keep the same device for the entire 20-month term, no additional installment payments are required.

*Qualifying credit and wireless service plan plus 20-month 0% APR installment agreement required. Tax due at sale. If you cancel wireless service, remaining device balance is due. Qualifying devices only. Limit 2 financed devices per wireless account. New device after 1 year requires minimum 12 installment payments plus qualifying trade-in of current device and qualifying wireless service plan. Additional restrictions apply.