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How to Activate Your New Phone

This information pertains to customers that have replaced their lost or stolen phone with a new phone/device.

To activate your phone/device, please follow the instructions provided in the box with your new device.

If the instructions were misplaced, please use the following steps to activate your phone.

Note: If you suspended your service due to a vacation, you should contact Customer Care to reactivate your line. For more information about suspending or re-instating your service, see the Suspended Service support page.

1) Please make sure you install the new SIM card that was provided in your box.

2) Verify that the new SIM card is properly installed in your device, and that your device has been fully charged.

3) After installing the new SIM card correctly and fully charging the device, turn the device on and place a test call. If you are able to make and receive calls on your phone, your device is activated. If you are unable to make calls and you have an acceptable signal to place and receive calls, please continue with the next steps.

4) Call 1-866-895-1099 or visit

5) Please have the following information available: Your wireless phone number, billing ZIP code, and your social security number or tax identification number.

6) You will be prompted to agree to AT&T's Terms & Conditions by providing an electronic signature (over the phone or online).

7) Within 20 minutes, your handset should be working.

If you continue to have issues activating your phone, please call 1-866-391-0749.

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