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Password Tips and Requirements

•   Must be 6-24 characters
•   May not be all letters
•   May not be all numbers
•   May not be the same as your User ID
•   May contain uppercase and lowercase letters, numbers, underscores ( _ ), or hyphens (–)

Note: Passwords are case sensitive, so be sure to enter upper and lowercase letters carefully.

We do everything we can to prevent cybercriminals from hacking your account. A strong password gives you even greater protection.

Tips for Creating Strong Passwords:
•   Use a longer password to make it harder for a hacker to guess.
•   Avoid using common words that could be easy to guess.
•   Avoid sequences like123456, abcdef, asdf, and qwerty.
•   Avoid personal information that is easy to find on social media or other sites (your name,
       Social Security number, date of birth, or pet’s name, for example).
•   Avoid re-using passwords that you have used before or on other websites.

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