HTC Media Link HD Wireless HDMI Adapter

Send everything on your phone to your TV. In high definition. Instantly, wirelessly.


  • Turn any screen into your screen by sharing content from your HTC phone to your HD TV or 5.1 surround sound theater system.
  • Swipe your screen with three fingers to instantly set up and share your content on your HD TV.
  • Dual-screen mode allows you to share a movie or photo slideshow on your HD TV while you email, browse the Web, or run your favorite applications.

Compatible Devices
  • HTC:
  • HTC One® , HTC One(TM) X+ , HTC One M9 , HTC One (TM) VX , HTC One (TM) X , HTC First

Item SKU: 4797A(HTC Media Link HD Wireless HDMI Adapter)

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