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Belkin Ultimate Pro Black Keyboard Folio (Version 2) - iPad Air 2

The Belkin Qode Ultimate Pro Keyboard Case for iPad Air 2 is the ultimate enhancement to your iPad Air 2 experience.


Ultimate performance. Zero compromise.
1. The full coverage protection of a case.
2. The convenient detachability of a cover.
3. The keyboard experience of a laptop.

Case works with the keyboard or by itself
Sometimes you just want to use your iPad Air® 2 without the keyboard. While other keyboard case designs make it difficult to remove your tablet, the QODE Ultimate Pro Keyboard Case makes it easier than ever. Simply detach and go—the standalone case keeps you protected. The case by itself even works with your Smart Cover, so your iPad Air 2 always has complete dual-sided protection.

Improved keyboard layout
We've completely redesigned the typing experience to make it even more like using an actual laptop. The QODE Ultimate Pro Keyboard Case is the only keyboard case on the market to have the exact same number of keys as a laptop keyboard, so there's no sacrificing functionality. With a wider keycap shape and improved key pitch, the keys perform better than the competition, making the Ultimate Pro the fastest and most comfortable keyboard case available.

Backlit keys with 3 brightness levels

The QODE Ultimate Pro Keyboard Case also features backlit keys, to make typing in low light or no light even easier. Choose between three brightness levels to further customize your typing experience.

Has its own app
The free QODE app brings a wealth of additional features to this lightweight keyboard. From quick launch shortcuts to load programs and webpages in an instant, to multiple languages and layout options. Visit the APP tab for details.

Pairs with other devices

Not only does the keyboard wirelessly pair to your iPad Air 2, but you can use it by itself and pair it with other devices. Better still, you can pair up to two devices at once. So when you're typing an email and get a text message on your phone, you can toggle over, respond, and get back to your email without skipping a beat.*

*Bluetooth® Smart Keyboard pairs with other Bluetooth 4.0 devices including iPad Air, iPad® mini, iPad 4th gen, iPad 3rd gen, iPhone 5/5s, iPhone 5c, iPhone 4s, iPod touch 6th gen, MacBook Air®, MacBook Pro®, Mac mini, and iMac.

Landscape/portrait modes
Now you have even more choices when it comes to viewing your iPad Air 2. In addition to the two magnetic viewing angles, you can detach your tablet to position it in either portrait or landscape. Magnets in the case match up with the magnetic fabric hinge for a secure hold in any position.

Smart-sensing auto on/off technology

The keyboard is so smart, there's no need for a power button—it turns on when you need it and off when you don't, simply by sensing the weight of your iPad Air 2. And when you're using the keyboard by itself, it's the fabric hinge that lets it know when to turn on. So no matter which way you prefer to use it, you'll never have to worry about accidentally draining your battery.

Longest battery life
Bluetooth® Smart technology also uses less battery power, so you can go longer on one charge—up to 1 year, to be exact.**

**Active Battery Life based on a fully charged keyboard used continuously with backlit keys turned off.

Made of thin, lightweight aluminum alloy
Known for its strength and amazing lightness, we used anodized aircraft-grade aluminum to make the QODE Ultimate Pro Keyboard Case as light as possible. So it's incredibly durable and incredibly portable.

Soundflow design enhances sound quality
The keyboard case's SoundFlow design directs your iPad's sound toward you, making music and movies more powerful and clear than the iPad® without the case.

Belkin® quality guarantee
The keys on every QODE Ultimate Pro Keyboard Case have been tested over 10,000 times to ensure their performance and responsiveness. Belkin products are designed with the highest quality materials and put through hundreds of rounds of testing to meet the standards you deserve. Our quality teams go above and beyond, setting standards over the minimum requirements for fabric tests, drop tests, and durability tests. When you receive your Belkin product, you're getting the promise of our very best work.

Compatible Devices
  • Apple:
  • Apple iPad Air 2

Item SKU: 4390F(Belkin Ultimate Pro Black Keyboard Folio (Version 2) - iPad Air 2)

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