AT&T CL80101- Accessory Handset Cordless Phone

AT&T DECT 6.0 Expansion Handset for CL81301 and CL82301.


Expansion Handset for CL81301 and CL82301. Unsurpassed Range - Redefining Long Range Coverage and Clarity

  • Includes: 1 Cordless handset, 1 Charger for cordless handset with power adapter installed, 1 battery for cordless handset and 1 battery compartment cover

Compatible Devices
  • AT&T:
  • AT&T Wireless Home Phone , AT&T Micro SIM Card - Tablets , AT&T Nano SIM Card - Phones , AT&T Micro SIM Card - Phones , AT&T Standard SIM Card - Phones , AT&T SIM Card - Samsung Galaxy S5 Series , GoPhone Wireless Home Phone , AT&T SIM Card , AT&T Home Base , Standard SIM Card - Tablet , AT&T Nano SIM Card - Tablet , AT&T SIM Card - LG G Series , AT&T SIM Card - Samsung Galaxy S6 Series
  • LG:
  • AT&T Wireless Home Phone - LG

Item SKU: 4233A(AT&T CL80101- Accessory Handset Cordless Phone)

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