S Pen - Samsung Galaxy Note

The S Pen lets you make quick notes, draw or edit, and perform typical touch screen commands
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Finished in attractive silver and black, the Galaxy Note (TM) S Pen is styled similar to a premium writing instrument, yet small enough to be concealed within the Galaxy Note (TM) handset. The tip of this stylus simulates a finger touch, tap or swipe to provide a full touch screen environment without leaving a single fingerprint behind. With its attractive design, the S Pen allows you to make quick notes, draw or edit in addition to performing typical touch screen commands. Speed up your interaction with the Galaxy Note (TM) and leave those messy fingerprints behind with the Galaxy Note (TM) S Pen. (Package includes 1 Stylus), Capacitive stylus for tablets or touchscreen smartphones, Smudge-free, silicone tip, Durable, plastic body, Storable and concealed inside of the Galaxy Note i717 handset.

Compatible Devices
  • Samsung:
  • Samsung Galaxy Note (TM)

Item SKU: 41077(S Pen - Samsung Galaxy Note)

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