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FiLIP™ Smart Locator

Say hello to your kid's new best friend

Meet FiLiP the wearable smart locator with voice for kids.



FiLIP is a wearable locator with voice designed for kids 5 - 11.

Although the world is more connected today than ever before, there are few reliable ways for parents and young children to stay connected. Most parents want the peace of mind that a phone call brings.

FiLIP is designed to keep kids and parents connected. The colorful wristwatch is a patent-pending marriage of GPS, Wi-Fi, and cellular technology, safely combined into one little device.

  • FiLIP is the wearable locator with voice watch designed for kids
    5 - 11. Colorful and fun for the kids to use and wear.
  • FiLIP is a reliable way for parents and children to stay connected and for parents to know where their child is. Peace of mind, without the worries of a Smartphone.
  • FiLIP is controlled by an iOS/Android smartphone app that enables parents to call their kids, set Safe Zones, and communicate with kids via text message.

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Additional Information

FILIP is the wearable locator and voice watch for kids specifically designed for kids ages 5 to 11. It delivers all of the benefits of a phone without the concerns that keep parents from buying a Smartphone:


    Parents can easily program which 5 contacts are allowed to communicate with the device.


    FILIP can locate your kids. It utilizes a blend of GPS, cell tower location, and WiFi to provide the most accurate location information, indoors and out.

    Intelligent Emergency

    An emergency button triggers an automatic location beacon, ambient sound and call recording, and automatically calls the contacts established in the Mobile App. It also sends a push notification to the primary account holder. Cannot call 911 emergency services.

    Built for kids

    FiLIP is built to withstand everyday wear and tear of kids. It is water resistant (water resistant against incidental exposure to water based on IP67 rating) but is not designed to go swimming.

    Smartphone app

    FILIP is supported by an iOS® or Android™ smartphone app that lets parents set Safe Zones and send text messages to the device. It gives parents the ability to pre-program 5 numbers that can call the device and track their location.

Key Features

FILIP combines elegant wearable design with sophisticated technology to create products and services that keep us connected to the people we love:

  • One-touch functionality.
  • Easy set-up and sync with smartphone app.
  • Benefits and peace of mind of a smartphone without the cost or risks.

Rate Plans

$10 AT&T Mobile Share for Smart Locators - No Contract

$10 AT&T DataConnect for Smart Locators - No Contract


Device may be exchanged once within 14 days of purchase if in like new condition with all packaging, accessories. After 14 days, device should be returned directly to manufacturer. Refund subject to manufacturer warranty policy, as outlined in the User Manual. New devices carry a warranty of 1 year after purchase date.


Up to 14 days from purchase date to return for refund less $35 Restocking Fee, if applicable. Device needs to be like new w/ all packaging, accessories.

OEM Contact Information for Returns

1-855-MyFiLIP (1-855-693-4547)

Product Specs


  • 6168A

Dimensions (in inches)

  • H:1.85" , L:2.06" , W: 0.64"

Weight (in ounces)

  • 1.16 oz.


  • 3G 850/900/1700/1900/2100MHz
  • 2G 850/900/1800/1900


  • (850-2100) (Telit penta band module) Optimized RF 800-1900

Battery Size/hours of use

  • Built-in 370mAH Lithium-polymer battery, Up to 48 hours of operation with default settings

Display Size

  • Sharp 1.28' overall, Viewable: 1 " x 1" Active Matrix, monochrome LCD

Display Resolution (pixels length, width, per inch)

  • 126x128 pixels resolution at 141 pixels per inch


  • 16bit embedded digital signal controller

RF Processor

  • Telit 910

Audio Details

  • Internal speaker, Internal microphone, 4 pin custom FiLIP system connector

Wi-Fi Version

  • Wi-Fi Triangulation (Sniffer only)


  • Proprietary serial and charge port

FOTA Capable

  • Yes


  • GPS, Cell Tower Location and Wi-Fi Triangulation
  • SIM: Embedded non-removable

Box Contents

  • FiLIP Device
  • Dragon Green Wristband
  • USB Wall Charger and custom Star Port USB charging cable
  • Quick Start Guide

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, FiLIP is designed to accept short text messages (up to 16 characters) that parents can send from the Smartphone app. Mom or dad can easily text - "Dinner is ready!" or "I love you."

The number for the FiLIP is never disclosed to the child by Filip Technologies. The only people who can call are those who call from a number pre-programmed in the contacts list.

FiLIP allows the child to call up to five numbers programmed by the parent with just a push of the button. For example, the child could call his mother or father's cell phones, the home phone, plus grandparents. The only numbers that can be called are those that are entered by the parent using the FiLIP app, so parents do not need to worry about who their child is speaking with.

FiLIP is designed to work effectively indoors and outdoors. FiLIP uses GPS, Wi-Fi and cellular technologies to triangulate location effectively indoors and in cities.

While the FiLIP device is available exclusively from AT&T, the FiLIP App can be downloaded and used with any mobile carrier. Available on iOS® or Android™ Smartphones.

Using the FiLIP app, parents can set how frequently the device checks in and shares the child's location. The location is updated on the mobile app based on the frequency selected, usually in less than a minute after the scheduled check in. If the child ever activates the emergency button, the location is updated right away.

When a child pushes the red emergency button and holds it for three seconds, it activates FiLIP's Intelligent Emergency procedure triggering an automatic location beacon and ambient sound recording. It also calls each of the five contacts pre-programmed into FiLIP until one is reached. Devivice cannot dial 911 emergency services.

FiLIP's battery is designed to last for 48 hours of everyday use and several days in standby mode. Filip Technologies provides a number of ways for parents and children to prolong the battery life of FiLIP. Parents can set how often FiLIP reports their child's location - checking in anytime from every minute to every hour. The more frequent the check-ins, the greater the battery drain - so parents can reduce the frequency of check-ins to extend the battery life. This can be done using the FiLIP app.

The location refresh only impacts the regular updates. If a child pushes the emergency button, FiLIP immediately determines the child's position using the most appropriate technology, starts the pre-determined emergency notification procedures and begins updating the child's location every minute.

FiLIP provides a number of ways for people to determine how much battery life is left on the device. It is displayed similar to a mobile phone on the device itself. Additionally, parents can check battery life via the FiLIP app. FiLIP's smart battery approach will also deactivate non-essential features when the battery gets low to further prolong the essential communications and location features.