North Carolina and South Carolina Wireless (Postpaid) customers – it’s time to choose your new AT&T phone!
Once again, welcome to AT&T! We look forward to serving all your wireless needs. As part of this transition, we’re combining the strength of your local Alltel coverage with AT&T’s nationwide 4G network. To keep you connected to our enhanced network, we’re replacing the devices on your account with AT&T devices. NOTE: Preselect time periods vary by market. Wireless customers will receive a preselect letter once it’s time to choose your new phones or visit your local retail store to ask about preselect timeframes specific to your area.

What about other wireless devices or phones on your account?
If you have other devices, like an internet device or wireless home phone, we’ll automatically send you a comparable replacement, preselected by AT&T. If you purchased a tablet from Alltel, it will continue to work using Wi-Fi connectivity and will not need to be replaced. Additionally, any prepaid phone customers in your household will receive a separate offer to transition to AT&T prepaid phones and rate plans.

Before you preselect, please review the checklist below to ensure you have the information you need to complete the preselect process.

Preselect Checklist

Preselect Now