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Yes, the Data Perks app will shut down and no longer be operational on June 13, 2018.

No, all offers have been removed from the app, and it is no longer possible to earn extra data.

Yes, you may continue to use Data Perks to transfer earned data to your AT&T account until 9:00 AM EDT on June 12, 2018.

Earned data in a Data Perks account at 9:00 AM EDT on June 12, 2018 will be deposited into the corresponding AT&T customer account on June 13, 2018. Don’t worry, if you forget to transfer your earned data before Data Perks shuts down, we will deposit it into your AT&T account on your behalf. Data deposited on your behalf into your AT&T account by AT&T expires 30 days after it is deposited.

No, you won’t lose your data. You may transfer up to 1,000MB per bill cycle (in 25MB increments) using Data Perks. Data Perks accounts that contain more than 1,024MB as of 9:00 AM EDT on June 12, 2018 will result in one Bonus Data transfer of up to 1,024MB per month until the equivalent of the Data Perks bank total is deposited.

Yes, deposited data will be displayed on your bill in the Bonus Data Earned section.

Data Perks, brought to you by AT&T and Aquto, is an app through which you earn bonus data – measured in megabytes (MB) – by completing a featured offer, like taking a survey or completing a purchase. Transfer some or all of your earned MB (up to 1,000MB per bill period) to your AT&T plan to use within your current bill period.

1. Tap the token that displays your earned MB balance, located in the lower left corner of any category page.

2. Slide the scale to select the number of MB you want to transfer.

3. Tap TRANSFER MB, then tap CONFIRM to initiate your transfer.

4. You’ll be returned to the homepage of the app and receive a notification confirming your transfer.

Yes, Data Perks users can transfer a maximum of 1,000MB per bill cycle (in 25MB increments). If you have transferred the maximum number of MB for the month and still have MB remaining in your Data Perks account, those MB will be available for you to transfer at the beginning of your next bill cycle.

Yes. The data you transfer from your Data Perks account to your AT&T account is used before your monthly plan data allowance.

Yes, unused transferred data expires at the end of the bill period in which you transferred it. It does not roll over for future use and cannot be deposited back into your Data Perks account. Unused transferred data also expires if you change your account type to an ineligible account type (prepaid or business). Additionally, if you change your billing account number (for example, you transfer your billing responsibility to another account in the middle of your bill cycle), your unused transferred data expires.

• Any iPhone® running iOS 7.0 and above
• Any Android™ smartphone running OS 4.0 and above

• All AT&T consumer postpaid wireless plans that include data, except unlimited data plans, are eligible to use Data Perks, including AT&T Mobile Share Value plans and other shared data plans. A compatible device is required.

• Data Perks is currently unavailable to users on prepaid plans and business plans.

No, when you surf pages within the Data Perks application – including all menu, category, transfer, and help pages – the data used does not count against your wireless data plan.

Data Perks: Data may only be earned by the AT&T smartphone line registered with the app. Data transferred to the AT&T smartphone account is shared among all shared-data lines on the same account. Earned data expires 12 months after date it was earned or with app cancellation. Data Transfers: Data transferred from app is used within the bill period transferred and prior to monthly plan data. Unused transferred data automatically expires at the end of the bill period transferred or with certain plan changes (such as switching to an ineligible plan). Data Rates: Data rates may apply to app download and usage. Offers: App features third-party offers subject to each merchant’s offer terms and conditions. AT&T is not responsible for third-party products or services. App offers & terms of use are subject to change and app may be discontinued at any time without notice.