More lines = More savings
Requires $65, $45, or $30 phone plan and enrollment in Multi‑Line account.
See details below.

Save more with every phone you add

With Multi-Line Discount, you can save money each month by adding friends and family to your account. Add up to 5 lines and make one easy payment each month. Plus, everyone gets their own data, so nobody has to worry about sharing.

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Save up to $600 a year with Multi-Line Discount

Multi-Line savings calculator {{}}

Select a monthly plan for each line to see how much you can save.

Eligible Monthly Plans $65 $45 $30
Data allowance prorated for member line upon joining Multi-Line Account and for any line upon a subsequent rate plan change.1
After 22GB, AT&T may slow data speeds.
6GB3 Wi‑Fi or buy a data add on4
 250MB - $5
Unlimited Surfing, Listening, Watching, Gaming included not included not included
Unlimited Talk & Text in the U.S. included included included
Unlimited Talk & Text within & between the U.S., Mexico & Canada5 included included not included
Roaming in Mexico and Canada (Talk, Text & Data)5 included included not included
Unlimited Text to over 100 countries included included included
Shop phones For more details, visit our Multi-Line Discount Frequently Asked Questions.

Ready to get started?

New customers:
  • 1. Purchase new devices.
  • 2. Activate all lines individually.
  • 3. Choose a line to be the Account Owner.
  • 4. Account Owner logs in to myAT&T.
  • 5. Select Multi-Line Discount.
  • 6. Follow the prompts to invite member lines.
Current customers:
  • 1. Choose a line to be the Account Owner.
  • 2. Account Owner logs in to myAT&T.
  • 3. Select Multi-Line Discount.
  • 4. Follow the prompts to invite member lines.