Color: Black

  • AT&T’s premium braided cables are designed with superior materials both inside and out to last longer and resist tangling. In rigorous 180° and 360° bend tests, these cables outperformed previous models by more than 2X. UL certified and with a one year warranty, they are safe and reliable for both charging and data transfer between devices. Sleek aluminum connectors and attractive braided sleeves make them a stylish accessory for iPhones and iPads.

    Together with an AT&T Fast Charger these cables can charge iPhones up to 70% faster than a regular charger and deliver faster data transfer speeds. Thanks to a smart chipset which prevents overcharging, AT&T Fast Charge is backwards compatible and will safely charge each device at its fastest rate. The 8-foot cable is the perfect length for charging your devices anywhere: at home, in the office, or at coffee shops, or airports.

    Key Features

    • Aluminum connector housing and braided cable sleeve for durable, tangle-free use
    • Handles up to 3A for rapidly charging your device
    • MFI-certified
    • High-Speed charge, sync, and data transfer
    • Premium components for optimum performance and durability


    • Handles up to 3A

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