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ACTIV5 Isometric trainer

ACTIV5 Isometric trainer - Orange

Color: OrangeEdit
  • The Activ5 is a portable workout device and training app that coaches users through low impact, isometric-based exercises. Activ5 workouts are calibrated to every user’s unique strength and presented as a game. The app easily tracks progress and provides real-time feedback while training to show users their strength and fitness gains overtime.


    100+ seated & standing full-body workouts for specific muscle groups

    Durable design that measures more than 200 lbs. of force

    One device capable of multiple accounts

    Portable for easy access



    6-month battery life (requires 1 AAA battery)

    Available for iOS and Android

    Compatible with Apple Watch & HealthKit integration

  • Apple

    Watch Series 6 44mm
    Watch Series 6 40mm
    Watch Series 5 44mm
    Watch Series 5 40mm
    Watch Series 3 Nike+ - 42mm
    Watch Series 3 Nike+ - 38mm
    Watch Series 3 42mm
    Watch Series 3 38mm
    Watch Nike Series 6 44mm
    Watch Nike Series 6 40mm
    Watch Nike Series 5 44mm
    Watch Nike Series 5 40mm


    Galaxy Watch3 45mm
    Galaxy Watch3 41mm
    Galaxy Watch Active2 44mm
    Galaxy Watch Active2 40mm
    Galaxy Watch 46mm
    Galaxy Watch 42mm
  • Key Features

    • 100+ full-body workouts
    • Durable design
    • 6-month battery life

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