Goo.ey Case Yellow - iPhone 6/6s

Goo.ey hands-free cases for iPhone 6/6s attach to mirrors and glass, changing the way people use their cell phones.


Goo.ey hands-free cases are changing the way people use their cell phones. By attaching to glossy surfaces like mirrors and glass with suction, they free your hands to enjoy your phone and apps to the max.

What are Goo.ey cases for?

  • Enjoying apps hands-free
  • Chatting on FaceTime and Skype
  • Taking full-length selfies
  • Moving around and creating videos
  • Watching films and YouTube
  • Attaching to screens and stands

How do Goo.ey cases work?

  • Made of enhanced epoxy material
  • Suction to mirror, glass, and acrylic surfaces
  • Unstick by lifting and pulling firmly
  • Sleek and smooth to the touch
  • Won’t stick to your hands or pocket

Compatible Devices
  • Apple:
  • Apple iPhone 6s , iPhone 6 GoPhone , Apple® iPhone® 6
  • AT&T:
  • SIM Card for iPhone 6, 6s, 6 Plus, 6s Plus , SIM for Apple iPhone 6, 6 Plus, 5, 5c and 5s devices

Item SKU: 4587E(Goo.ey Case Yellow - iPhone 6/6s)

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