Incipio® Black DualPro (TM) Carbon Fiber Case - Samsung Galaxy S® 4

A sleek yet protective case with a carbon-fiber design and double-layer protection.
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The DualPro™ Carbon Fiber case by Incipio® is designed to add a polished yet trendy look to your smartphone.

Constructed with a protective frame, it’s a fashionable carrying case solution designed with radio-transparent material to avoid reception interference. A sleek yet strong frame offer superior protection from falls, bumps, or scratches.

Compatible Devices
  • Samsung:
  • Samsung Galaxy S 4 Active , Samsung Galaxy S® 4 (Certified Restored) , Samsung Galaxy S 4 (Certified Pre-Owned) , Samsung Galaxy S® 4

Item SKU: 4960A(Incipio® Black DualPro (TM) Carbon Fiber Case - Samsung Galaxy S® 4)

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