Incipio® Gray feather® Shine - BlackBerry® Z10

The sleek and trendy Incipio Feather Shine for Blackberry Z10 is engineered with a Plextonium hard-shell construction, which keeps scratches and cracks away.
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Incipio's BlackBerry Z10 feather Shine case is a unique execution of fashion meeting function. Engineered with a Plextionum™ hard-shell construction, the feather Shine case is a slim design with a glazed brushed-aluminum finish.

You can esaily make calls or texts while your phone remains safe in the case. Perfect for men or women, the feather Shine is a professional and protective case solution.

Compatible Devices
  • BlackBerry:
  • BlackBerry Z10

Item SKU: 4905A(Incipio® Gray feather® Shine - BlackBerry® Z10)

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