Incipio® offGRID (TM) Battery Case GS5 Black

Incipio's offGRID Backup Battery Case for Samsung Galaxy S5 recharges as it protects your phone.
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Incipio’s offGRID™ Backup Battery Case for Samsung Galaxy S® 5 is the solution for backup battery power. A sleek design and slim profile means that you don’t have to sacrifice portability or size for functionality and performance. Featuring a 3,000mAh charging capacity, this case will provide ample battery life for hours of extra use.


  • 3,000mAh battery for extra hours of talk, text, and usage
  • NFC-compatible
  • Rigid Plextonium™ outer shell and bumper protects your device
  • Slimming design that doesn’t add unnecessary bulk
  • Blue LED lights indicate battery power and charge
  • Soft-touch finish adds grip and a comfortable hold

Compatible Devices

Item SKU: 4955B(Incipio® offGRID (TM) Battery Case GS5 Black)

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