Isis Ready® Charging Case - iPhone 4/4s

Transform your phone into a mobile wallet with the Isis Ready Charging Case for iPhone 4 and 4s. This case can extend battery life by up to 50 percent.
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Sliding your iPhone into the hard shell protective case allows you to set up the Isis Mobile Wallet®.  With the Wallet, you can make mobile payments at participating stores with just a tap of the iPhone. The Wallet stores participating payment and loyalty cards while organizing offers and deals from participating stores so they are always with you. In addition, the case has an extended battery providing up to 50% more battery life.

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Important: This Isis Ready iPhone case is designed to work exclusively with AT&T post paid iPhones. They will not function properly with an iPhone from any other carrier.

Compatible Devices
  • Apple:
  • Active-Apple iPhone 4S - 16 GB , Apple iPhone 4 - 16 GB , Apple® iPhone® 4s , Apple iPhone 4 - 32 GB , Apple iPhone 4 Certified Restored , Apple® iPhone® 4s (Certified Restored) , Apple iPhone 4 , Apple iPhone 4 Refurb Cosmetic Blemish

Item SKU: 4136A(Isis Ready® Charging Case - iPhone 4/4s)

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