offGRID (TM) PRO Removable Battery Case iPhone® 5 Black

The ultra-slim offGRID PRO Removable Battery Case for iPhone 5 can double your phone's battery capacity and also protect it from impacts and scratch marks.
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With a variety of accessories included, Incipio’s offGRID PRO case is the ultimate backup battery solution for your iPhone 5.

The ultra-slim, portable offGRID PRO case is easy to install and is designed to protect your iPhone 5 from unwanted scratches and dents. Enjoy virtually double the power for double the surfing, downloading, streaming, and talk time.

Additional features include:

  • Double the power with two lithium polymer batteries (2000mAh each). Sled battery charger/power bank charges up to two batteries.
  • Packed with a 3' microUSB cable and 3.5mm headphone extender.
  • Four blue LED lights on case indicate battery life.
  • Ultraslim, protective case is easy to install.

Compatible Devices
  • Apple:
  • Apple iPhone 5s - 16GB $199.99 with the Purchase of $45 Airtime Card , Apple iPhone SE , Apple iPhone 5s - 16GB GoPhone , Apple iPhone SE - 128GB , Apple iPhone 5s - 16GB $129.99 with the Purchase of $45 Airtime Card , iPhone 5 , Apple iPhone 5 , Apple iPhone 5s (Certified Restored) , Apple iPhone SE (AT&T Certified Pre-Owned) , Apple iPhone 5s , Apple iPhone SE GoPhone , Apple iPhone SE (Certified Restored)

Item SKU: 4037B(offGRID (TM) PRO Removable Battery Case iPhone® 5 Black )

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