Powermat Wireless Charging Quick Circle Folio Case PMA LG G3 Black

The Powermat Wireless Charging Quick Circle Folio Case for LG G3 has a slim, modern look and charges with any PMA charging mat.
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Enjoy quick, customizable, one-step access to your favorite apps with the LG G3 Quick Circle Wireless Charging Folio Case. Slim, smart, and attractive, the Quick Circle Folio Case protects your LG G3 with distinctive, ultramodern flair. Expressive lighting effects encircle the window when you tap the screen, and the app widgets are designed to fit perfectly in the round space. Simply remove the back cover of your G3, then snap your phone into the case for a seamless fit.

The LG G3 Folio can be charged with any PMA charging mat, like the Duracell Powermat Charging Plates, sold separately. This sleek wireless charger for home or office serves as a home base for drop-and-go charging for PMA enabled wireless devices. The plate supports up to two devices simultaneously at up to one ampere each.

Compatible Devices
  • AT&T:
  • AT&T SIM Card - LG G Series
  • LG:
  • LG G3

Item SKU: 4313C(Powermat Wireless Charging Quick Circle Folio Case PMA LG G3 Black )

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