Skinit San Francisco Giants White Jersey Case - iPhone 5s/SE

The Skinit inkFusion Pro Case for iPhone 5s/SE features thin protection with ultra-vivid graphics.
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Love the San Francisco Giants with a Skinit® inkFusion Pro case. You’ll be amazed with the crisp and amazingly rich color from our Ultra Vivid Color Print Technology. Each case is sealed with a glossy protective layer offering durable scratch and scuff resistance that looks stunning and is long lasting. The inkFusion Pro is a two-piece Thermo-Plastic "Fusion" case made of a protective hard shell polymer and a soft pliable impact absorbing soft rubber lining. Together they make for an incredibly durable and protective case without adding unnecessary bulk and weight. With your inkFusion Pro case you can put your phone facedown on a table without scratching the screen. Each case offers an extra layer of screen protection with a raised front bezel that prevents your screen from ever touching the surface.

Compatible Devices
  • Apple:
  • Apple iPhone SE , Apple iPhone 5s - 16GB $199.99 with the Purchase of $45 Airtime Card , Apple iPhone 5s - 16GB GoPhone , Apple iPhone SE - 128GB , Apple iPhone 5 - 16GB GoPhone , Apple iPhone 5s - 16GB $129.99 with the Purchase of $45 Airtime Card , Apple iPhone 5 (Certified Restored) , Apple iPhone 5 , Apple iPhone 5s (Certified Restored) , Apple iPhone SE (AT&T Certified Pre-Owned) , Apple iPhone 5s , Apple iPhone SE GoPhone , Apple iPhone SE (Certified Restored)

Item SKU: 4198D(Skinit San Francisco Giants White Jersey Case - iPhone 5s/SE)

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