mophie Juice Pack Desk Dock Black - iPhone 5/5s/SE

The sleek mophie Juice Pack Desk Dock for iPhone 5/5s/SE is a portable charging station that can be plugged to a computer or wall outlet via USB cable.


For use in the office, kitchen, bedroom, or study, the mophie Juice Pack dock makes charging easier than ever. Simply plug it into your computer or charging adapter and wall outlet using the tethered USB cable, and you're set and ready to go. When your iPhone 5/5s/SE with juice pack is dropped into the dock, it stands upright and stable to maintain access to use your touchscreen and other features, while simultaneously charging both. True frictionless charging enables quick insertion and removal, so only one hand is needed. It's sturdy and stable, always staying where you put it, yet compact and sleek, making it the perfect accessory for any space.


Compatible Devices
  • Apple:
  • Apple iPhone 5 , Apple iPhone SE , Apple iPhone 5s , Apple iPhone SE GoPhone

Item SKU: 4669C(mophie Juice Pack Desk Dock Black - iPhone 5/5s/SE)

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