Configure a Device to Auto Connection on Insertion in AT&T Communication Manager 7.1

Configure a Device to Auto Connection on Insertion in AT&T Communication Manager 7.1


Communication Manager has the ability to configure LaptopConnect devices to automatically connect to the mobile network as soon as the device is inserted and the computer is powered on.  In this mode, the card shall connect to the mobile network regardless of whether the user is logged into Windows or Communication Manager is running.  This is a device-based setting and will follow the device to any computer it is inserted in, assuming the proper device drivers have been installed (Windows only).  This capability is currently only supported by Sierra Wireless devices and the Qualcomm MDM 1000 module--the option will be grayed out for all other devices.

An example of when this would be helpful is in a corporate environment where users are required to login to the network opposed to the local machine.  This capability allows for a VPN session to be established prior to login which will allow a user to login to the corporate network. 
  1. If connected, click Disconnect.
  2. Click Tools.

  3. Click Settings.

  4. Select the Hardware tab.

  5. A progress indicator will be shown while devices are detected.  It may take several minutes for this process to complete.

  6. Click Modify for the appropriate Mobile Device.

  7. Check the option to "Automatically connect when device is connected to laptop" and click OK.

  8. Close Communication Manager and disconnect the device from the computer.
  9. Reconnect the device and allow up to 90 seconds for auto-connect to negotiate a connection.

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