View and Configure Data Usage in AT&T Communication Manager 7.1

View and Configure Data Usage in AT&T Communication Manager 7.1


Data usage can be monitored in AT&T Communication Manager (ACM) on a per session or cumulative basis.  The byte total displayed should not be used to calculate data charges if the LaptopConnect service is used across multiple machines or multiple profiles on the same machine as it only monitors data transfer on the local machine/profile. Accurate data usage could be delayed by up to twelve hours. If any of the following occur, the information in the usage meter will not be accurate.
  • Mobile device was used in multiple computers.
  • SIM card accrued data usage while in another device.
  • AT&T Communication Manager was installed since the last bill cycle.
  • A tethered handset is used.
  • Account type is Enterprise on Demand (EOD). EOD is not supported.
  • Data usage occurring around midnight of the billing cycle may fall in the next bill cycle.
  • Changing the Local Time or Time Zone of the computer.
  • Joint Telco customers usage may not match with the billing cycle.
  • International data usage.
Accurate data usage can be viewed using AT&T Online Account Management.
 View Data Usage in the Data Usage Meter
  1. Click Tools

  2. Select Usage Meter.

  3. The Usage Meter is displayed.

    • The Domestic usage bar will turn red when 80% of the data plan has been used.
    • When the AT&T Communication Manager usage warnings are enabled, warning messages will display prior to connection.
      • Warning message before data allowance is reached:

      • Warning message once data allowance is reached:
View Data Usage on the Main Interface
  • When connected in AT&T Communication Manager, the following values can be monitored on the main interface:

    • Session Usage: Data sent and received during the current session (in either KB or MB).
    • Monthly Usage: The monthly usage bar will turn red when 80% of the data allowance has been used.
    • Days Remaining: Number of days until the new billing cycle and usage is reset.
View Data Usage in the Popup
  • When connected in AT&T Communication Manager, rollover the Connected status message to show detailed data usage information.

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