Uninstall or Remove Content with the Pantech Breeze II (P2000)

Uninstall or Remove Content with the Pantech Breeze II (P2000)


Device memory varies based on type and storage options. Having a large amount of images, ringtones, and/or games stored on the device may reduce available system memory. Errors in downloading may occur if device memory is near capacity. In order to resolve issues with saving files to the device, remove unused images, games, and ringtones.


Pantech Breeze II (P2000) Keypad Layout

Uninstall or Remove Programs and Files

  1. Place the device in Advanced Mode.
  2. From the standby screen, press Menu.

  3. Scroll to and select My Stuff.

  4. Depending upon the type of file or program being deleted, scroll to and select the appropriate folder.
    NOTE: There may also be subfolders to select. In this example a ringtone is removed from an optional microSD memory card.

  5. Scroll to the desired file or program, then press Options.

  6. Scroll to and select Delete.
    NOTE: The phone's default ringtones, wallpapers, and applications cannot be deleted.

  7. Press Yes to confirm deletion.

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