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Configure the Browser Settings for the RIM BlackBerry Torch 9800 using Handheld Software Version 6.0

Configure the Browser Settings for the RIM BlackBerry Torch 9800 using Handheld Software Version 6.0


The following information applies to the RIM BlackBerry Torch 9800 using Handheld Software Version 6.0. To determine the RIM BlackBerry model number and Handheld Software version, click here.


RIM BlackBerry Torch 9800 Keypad Layout`
  1. On the Home screen, scroll to and select the Browser icon  (to select, press the trackpad or tap the screen).
  2. Press the Menu key, then select Options.
  3. The Browser Options screen will be displayed.
  4. In the following fields, scroll to and select the desired option:

    • General
      FieldDescription Default
      Start page Configure start option when browser is opened.Start Page
      Home PageNOTE:  If desired, select Use Current to set the current webpage as the default home page.Blank
      Default Search Configure search provider.Google
      Enable Keyboard ShortcutsEnable or disable keyboard shortcuts.Unchecked
      Closing Browser on EscapeEnable or disable whether the browser closes when the Escape key is used.Unchecked
      Closing Tabs on ExitEnable or disable whether all tabs close when the exiting the browser.Checked
      Switching to Carrier Network for Streaming MediaEnable or disable the ability to switch the network carrier when streaming media.Checked

    • Web Content
      Field DescriptionDefault
      Load ImagesEnable or disable whether images are automatically loaded.Checked
      Enable JavaScriptEnable or disable JavaScript.Checked
      Block PopupsEnable or disable whether popups are blocked.Checked
      Enable Embedded MediaEnable or disable embedded media.Checked
      Default Font SizeEnable or disable whether the default font size is used for the browser.Checked
      Default Text EncodingEnable or disable default text encoding.
      NOTE: By default, RIM BlackBerry device uses the optimal character encoding for a web page.
      Available to select
      Auto-Detect Text EncodingEnable or disable whether default text encoding is automatically detected.Checked

    • Privacy and Security
      Field DescriptionDefault
      Accept Cookies Enable or disable cookies.Checked
      Enable GeolocationEnable or disable Geolocation.Unchecked
  5. Press the Menu key, then select Save

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