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Text and Picture Message Settings with the RIM BlackBerry Torch 9810

Text and Picture Message Settings with the RIM BlackBerry Torch 9810


  1. From the home screen, open the All tray, and then select Messages.
  2. Press the Menu key, and then select Options.
  3. The Text Messaging options screen will be displayed. In the following fields, scroll to and select the desired option:
    • General Text Messaging Options


      Description Default
      Send Text-only Message As Configure message sending option. Automatic
      Conversation Style Configure the desired conversation style. Bubbles 
      Combine Sequential Messages Enable or disable combining of sequential messages. Unchecked
      Show Names Configure the desired display name.
      NOTE: Available only if Show Name is set to Yes.
      Display Name Configure your display name that appears in the message conversation.  Me
      Press Enter Key To Send Configure to allow the Enter key to be used to send messages. Checked
      Auto Scale Image Enable or disable automatic image resizing. Checked
    • SMS Text
      Field Description Default
      Data Coding Verify this option is set to 7 Bit. 7 bit
      Service Center This field displays the phone number for the service center through which the SMS messages are sent.  Click here to determine the correct message center number. Default
      Disable AutoText Configure AutoText entry. No
      Network to Send Over Verify this option is set to Circuit Switched. Circuit Switched
      Retries This field displays the number of times a device will attempt to re-send a message that doesn't go through. 3
    • MMS Text
      Field Description Default
      Multimedia Reception Select desired. Always
      Automatic Retrieval Select desired. Always
      Reject Anonymous Messages Select to reject or accept. Checked
      Reject Advertisements Select to reject or accept. Checked
      Importance Select desired importance. Normal
  4. Press the Menu key, and then select Save.   

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