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Use Call Waiting or 3-Way Calling with the AT&T Z331

Use Call Waiting or 3-Way Calling with the AT&T Z331


AT&T Z331 Keypad Layout

Receive a second call (Call Waiting)

  • To answer the second call and place the ongoing call on hold, select Accept.

  • To reject the second call and continue the ongoing call, select Reject.
Swap parties using Call Waiting

  • To switch between two calls, select Options, highlight Swap, and select OK.

  • To join two calls, select Options, highlight Conference call, then select OK

  • To end an ongoing call and switch back to a party that is holding, select Options, highlight End call, then select OK.
Make a conference call (3-way calling)

  1. Place or receive a call.
  2. While the call is in progress, select Options, highlight Hold, then select OK

  3. Place a call to a second party.
    1. To dial the number manually:
      1. Enter the desired phone number, then press the Call key.

    2. To call a contact that is stored in the address book:
      1. Select Options, highlight Contacts, then select OK. 

      2. Select the desired contact, then select Call.

  4. Once the second party answers, select Options, highlight Conference call, then select OK
  5. Press the End key to end the conference call.   

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