Create a Route using AT&T Navigator with the AT&T Z331

Create a Route using AT&T Navigator with the AT&T Z331


IMPORTANT: The only GPS product supported by AT&T is the AT&T Navigator solution outlined below. All other GPS products are supported by their respective vendors.


AT&T Z331 Keypad Layout 

Prerequisites Create a route by address

  1. From the standby screen, select Menu.

  2. Select AT&T GPS.

  3. Select AT&T Navigator.

  4. After reading any warnings or disclaimers, select Agree.

  5. Highlight Drive To and press Go.

  6. Highlight Address, then select Go.

  7. Highlight Type It,  then select Go.

  8. Enter the desired Address, then select Go.

  9. Driving directions will be displayed.

View the route summary

  1. To view a summary of the active route, select View.

  2. Select Route Summary (using the Center Navigation key).

  3. The route summary will be displayed.

If unable to create a route, troubleshoot accordingly

  1. Verify that the AT&T Z331 is located in the United States and that its GPS receiver has an unobstructed view of the sky.
  2. Verify that the service has a valid AT&T Navigator PIN by logging in at If the PIN is not accepted, reset it.
  3. Confirm that the device is able to access MEdia Net. If not, troubleshoot accordingly.
  4. Using the steps above, attempt to create another route.
  5. If problems persist, please contact Customer Care.

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