Download Content with the AT&T Z331

Download Content with the AT&T Z331


IMPORTANT: Data charges will apply to these downloads (in addition to the price of the ringtone, game, or graphic). Specific charges will vary depending upon the ringtones


AT&T Z331 Keypad Layout

Download Instructions
The AT&T Z331 is capable of downloading games, graphics, and ringtones. The following depicts the download of a ringtone.

  1. From the standby screen, select Menu.

  2. Select AppCenter.

  3. Select the desired category or content by selecting the Buy link.

  4. Select Buy.

  5. Select Yes to confirm download.

  6. Select the location to download to.
    NOTE: In this example, we will download to the Games folder.

  7. Select Yes to confirm. 

If unable to download content, troubleshoot accordingly

  1. Power the device off and back on.
  2. Clear the browser cache.
  3. Verify that the device can connect to the Internet.
  4. Attempt to download the content again.
  5. Check the device's available memory.
  6. If problems persist, please contact Customer Care.

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