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Access Xbox Games with the HTC Windows Phone 8X (PM23300)

Access Xbox Games with the HTC Windows Phone 8X (PM23300)


For additional Xbox LIVE information, See Microsoft's Xbox LIVE for Windows Phone site.


  1. From the Start screen, scroll to and tap Games.
  2. From the Games Hub, the following headings are accessible by sliding to the left and right:
    • Collection: Downloaded game Tiles are displayed here. Tap a Tile to launch a game.
      NOTE: Game Tiles labeled "Try now" are available for download, but not loaded on your device. Tap Get more games or one of the Try now Tiles to view games in the Windows Phone Store.
    • Xbox, Friends and Messages: Your Xbox gamertag and Gamerscore (G) are displayed here, along with your avatar. You can also view your Xbox friends and send or view messages.
      NOTE: Tap Join Xbox or visit www.xbox.com to create an Xbox account for your Windows Live ID.
    • Spotlight: Featured games and new announcements are posted here. Tap one of the links to view additional information.

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