Take a Picture with the HTC Windows Phone 8X (PM23300)

Take a Picture with the HTC Windows Phone 8X (PM23300)


Take a picture

  1. Press the Camera key, or tap  from the Start screen.
  2. The following information and options will be available:
  3. Press the Camera key all the way down or tap the screen to take a photo. The photo preview will remain visible for a moment, then slide to the left.
    NOTE: All photos will automatically be saved in Pictures > Camera roll.

Adjust camera settings

  1. From the camera screen, tap , and then select Photo settings.  

  2. Adjust the settings as desired, and then tap Save
    NOTE: Tap Reset to restore all default camera settings.

    • Effects
    • Resolution
    • White Balance
    • Exposure
    • Contrast
    • Saturation
    • Sharpness
    • ISO
    • Face detection
    • Flash
      • On
      • Auto
      • Off

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