Set Up Voicemail with the AT&T Wireless Home Phone (WF721)

Set Up Voicemail with the AT&T Wireless Home Phone (WF721)


IMPORTANT: The term off-hook varies depending on the device the customer is using. For most corded phones, off-hook refers to simply lifting the handset off the base to enable dial tone. For most cordless phones, off-hook refers to pressing the Flash, Phone, or Talk key on the phone to get a dial tone.


AT&T Wireless Home Phone (WF721) Layout

Your AT&T Wireless Home Phone comes with standard wireless voicemail. Voicemail allows you to receive messages in a personal voice recording mailbox. Using voicemail you can listen to, save, or erase your messages.

Set up voicemail from a phone connected to the AT&T Wireless Home Phone

  1. Perform the off-hook action with your home phone connected to the AT&T Wireless Home Phone device.
  2. At the dial tone, press 1.
  3. Wait several seconds to connect to your AT&T wireless voicemail.
  4. Follow the voice prompts to complete setup.
    NOTE: To enable remote voicemail retrieval and for added security be sure to create a password during setup.

Message waiting indicators

  1. Voicemail Icon: The voicemail icon on your AT&T Wireless Home Phone flashes when a voicemail message is waiting.
  2. Intermittent Dial Tone: You will also hear an intermittent dial tone on any connected phone handset before placing a call.

Home answering machines

  1. If you choose not to use the voicemail provided by your AT&T Wireless Home Phone, you can use your home answering machine by plugging it into the Phone 2 port on the back of your AT&T Wireless Home Phone.

  2. Then, set your answering machine to pick up calls in fewer than 4 rings.
    NOTE: Alternately, you can call AT&T Customer Service at 1-800-331-0500 to turn off the network voicemail feature.

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