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Mute, speaker & other call options

Mute, speaker & other call options

These are features to help you manage your phone call.

  1. Tap speaker to toggle speakerphone on/off.
    device 1021/485249.jpg
  2. Tap mute to toggle mute on/off.
    device 1021/485252.jpg
  3. Tap the Dialpad icon to bring up the dialpad.
    device 1021/485253.jpg
  4. Tap hold to toggle hold on/off.
    device 1021/485254.jpg
  5. Tap add call to begin three-way calling.
    device 1021/485255.jpg
  6. Tap bluetooth to connect a Bluetooth device.
    device 1021/485258.jpg
  7. Tap end call to hang up.
    device 1021/485260.jpg

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