Device controls
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Device controls

This article describes the various controls of the device.

  1. This is the Send key. Press it to make a call or access call log.
    device 875/390776.jpg
  2. This is the Menu key. Press it to access different options.
    device 875/390777.jpg
  3. This is the Trackpad. Use it to scroll and press it to select an option.
    device 875/390778.jpg
  4. This is the Back key. Press it to go back a layer.
    device 875/390779.jpg
  5. This is the Power key. Press it to end a call or return to the apps menu. Press and hold it to turn the device on or off.
    device 875/390780.jpg
  6. These are the Volume keys. Press them to adjust media or call volume.
    device 875/390781.jpg
  7. This is the Lock key. Press it to lock and unlock the device.
    device 875/390782.jpg
  8. This is the Convenience key. Press it to access the camera. 
    device 875/400949.jpg

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