Customize the home screen
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Customize the home screen

Add, delete or move application shortcuts and widgets to view the info you want in the location you prefer.

  1. From the home screen, scroll to All, then press the Trackpad.
    device 875/390748.jpg
  2. Scroll to the desired application, then press the Menu key.
    Note: This demonstration uses Facebook.
    device 875/390750.jpg
  3. Scroll to Move, then press the Trackpad.
    device 875/390751.jpg
  4. Move the application to the desired location using the Trackpad.
    device 875/390752.jpg
  5. Press the Trackpad to confirm the move.
    device 875/390753.jpg
  6. To delete an icon, scroll to the desired icon, then press the Menu key.
    Note: This demonstration uses Twitter.
    device 875/390754.jpg
  7. Scroll to Hide, then press the Trackpad.
    device 875/390755.jpg

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