AT&T Navigator directions
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AT&T Navigator directions

Type or speak your destination into your phone or search for destinations by category.

  1. From the home screen, scroll to All, then press the Trackpad.
    Note: GPS must be enabled. See "Turn GPS on or off".
    device 875/390445.jpg
  2. Scroll to AT&T Navigator, then press the Trackpad.
    device 875/390446.jpg
  3. Press the Menu key.
    device 875/390450.jpg
  4. Scroll to Drive To, then press the Trackpad.
    device 875/390564.jpg
  5. Scroll to the Drive To field, then press the Trackpad.
    device 875/390565.jpg
  6. Enter the desired address in the Search field.
    device 875/390566.jpg
  7. Scroll to the Search icon, then press the Trackpad.
    device 875/390567.jpg
  8. Scroll to the desired route, then press the Trackpad.
    device 875/390568.jpg
  9. Follow the route, taking care to adhere to traffic regulations.
    device 875/390570.jpg

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