Reset your device (includes soft and master)
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Reset your device (includes soft and master)

A soft reset will generally fix issues such as a frozen screen with minimal risk to device data. A master reset erases all data from your device, including personal account information. Do a master reset to return the device to the manufacturer's original settings.

  1. To perform a soft reset:

    Slide off the Back cover.
    device 875/390037.jpg
  2. Remove the battery by pulling the bottom edge outward, then wait 30 seconds.
    device 875/390038.jpg
  3. Align the Gold contacts on the battery to the Gold contacts in the Battery slot, then press the top of the battery firmly into place.
    device 875/390039.jpg
  4. Slide the Back cover back onto the device.
    device 875/390040.jpg
  5. To perform a master reset:

     From the home screen, scroll to All, then press the Trackpad.
    device 875/390041.jpg
  6. Scroll to Options, then press the Trackpad.
    device 875/390042.jpg
  7. Scroll to Security, then press the Trackpad.
    device 875/390043.jpg
  8. Scroll to Security Wipe, then press the Trackpad.
    device 875/390044.jpg
  9. Scroll to the desired items to wipe, then press the Trackpad to select.
    device 875/390045.jpg
  10. Scroll to the Confirmation field, then enter "blackberry".
    device 875/390046.jpg
  11. Scroll to Wipe Data, then press the Trackpad.
    device 875/390047.jpg

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