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Use the USB cable to connect your device to a computer and share your device's internet connection.

  1. Insert the Micro USB End of the USB Cable into the micro USB port on the device.
    device 875/390132.jpg
  2. Insert the other end of the USB Cable into an available computer USB slot.
    device 875/390133.jpg
  3. Double click Blackberry Desktop Manager on the computer.
    device 875/390134.jpg
  4. Click Mobile Internet.
    device 875/390135.jpg
  5. Click Configure connection...
    device 875/390136.jpg
  6. Click Add...
    device 875/390137.jpg
  7. Enter the desired information in the Add Custom Profile window.
    device 875/390138.jpg
  8. Click OK.
    device 875/390139.jpg
  9. Click Save.
    device 875/390140.jpg
  10. Click OK.
    device 875/390141.jpg
  11. Click Connect.
    device 875/390142.jpg
  12. To disconnect, click the Data icon.
    device 875/390143.jpg

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