Add a Social Networking account
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Add a Social Networking account

Set up a social networking account on your device.

  1. From the home screen, scroll to All, then press the Trackpad.
    device 875/390317.jpg
  2. Scroll to Social Feeds, then press the Trackpad.
    device 875/390318.jpg
  3. Scroll to the Social bar, then press the Trackpad.
    device 875/390319.jpg
  4. Scroll to the desired option, then press the Trackpad.
    Note: This demonstration uses Facebook.
    device 875/390320.jpg
  5. Scroll to Log in, then press the Trackpad.
    device 875/390330.jpg
  6. Scroll to I Agree, then press the Trackpad.
    device 875/390331.jpg
  7. Enter the required information in the Email and Password fields.
    device 875/390321.jpg
  8. Scroll to Login, then press the Trackpad.
    device 875/390322.jpg
  9. Scroll to Close, then press the Trackpad.
    device 875/390332.jpg
  10. Enable any desired options using the Trackpad.
    device 875/390323.jpg
  11. Scroll to Next and press the Trackpad.
    device 875/390327.jpg
  12. Make any desired settings, then scroll to Save and press the Trackpad.
    device 875/390328.jpg

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